Functional neuroanatomy is fascinating. Our passion for this discipline does not only derive from its extraordinary importance for our self-conception but is nurtured by the insight that today, we can assume that the knowledge about the structure and functioning of the brain and, thereby, the whole nervous system reaches far into all areas of medicine, psychology and other therapeutic disciplines. Thus, the findings of numerous specialist fields can increasingly be supported and corroborated by the results of neuroscience.

Outstanding Visualizations of the Brain

Our visualizations and didactic concepts are the consistent realization of the idea that access to Functional Neuroanatomy should be given or, respectively, facilitated to as many interested people as possible, from lay persons over students up to experienced scientists.

Carried by this inspiring vision, we (Damir del Monte & Patrick Bohr) develop and design with great commitment extraordinarily vivid visualizations explaining Functional Neuroanatomy. In these tools, the exactness of the neuroscientist (Damir del Monte) blends fruitfully with the aesthetics and perfect craftsmanship of the artist (Patrick Bohr

Neuro-Seminars as an Extraordinary Learning Experience

So it is especially our unique 3D-graphics and animations explaining the structure and functioning of the brain that make our seminars and lectures a special experience. Neurodidactics in the full sense of the word. Illustrative, vivid and exciting cerebral worlds.